Your Instant Site

Your Instant SiteClick Image To Visit SiteNothing you will read is endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, the Oprah Winfrey Show, Harpo Studios or any entity remotely related. Not the YourInstantSite service, not this site, not this story, not me, and not my wife.

A site that we set up “instantly” directly resulted in my wife getting on The Oprah Winfrey Show. True story.

I’m not talking about one of those B.S. sites that people hand out to promote ‘their’ product or anything like that.

I’m not talking about the “business in a box” templates people pass around either.

And I’m not talking about any sort of Private Label Resell Rights (PLR) site that converts for crap because whomever created it spent less time on the sales letter than they did creating the name of the product.

As great as that all sounds – someone handing you a magic button that cranks out money with no effort on your part – that just doesn’t exist.

And if you really think you’re going to make tons of money with something like that, then you’re absolutely insane.

No no. The idea behind “Your Instant Site” is NOT that we’re giving you some sort of “magic button” web site that spits money at you. I mean, please, think logically about this for a second…

Now, really… If I could instantly create sites that would make me tons of money over and over again with no additional effort on my part, why in heck would I tell you about it? Seriously. Why would anyone tell you about it? I mean, if you had a magic button that pumped money out every time you clicked it, would YOU give it to anyone? Of course you wouldn’t.

A magic button that “spits out money any time you press it” has never existed and never will, yet people have always been selling it and will continue to into the future.

Because, sadly, that’s the story that sells. People want so badly to believe this magic button exists, when someone tells them that it’s there, they simply… Read more…